No Sympathy For B&N Stores

Why do I feel like saying ha-ha every time I hear about this? I’m so wrong for it but in the words of my baby daddy, ‘revenge is a bitch’!

I do feel sorry for the custumers that have gotten their financial info stolen from the hackers that hacked into B&N in September however it does make me wonder how many of those hacked customers were once Borders customers who B&N stole without notifying them to say hey by the way we own Borders which mean we have your information they had on file or asking for that matter if they wanted B&N to take them on as a customer. It was such a bad PR move, I truly hope they fired that person. Now everything came back in full circle. B&N you might wanna think before you do some grimy ish next time…..just sayin.

Peace and luv!


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