Did You Know…..?

Over 200,000 (235,000 to be exact) books get released yearly thru self publishing. Whether that is an appealing number is all how you look at it. What you do with the info is more important.

More opportunities!

CreateSpace, Smashwords, Author Solutions and Lulu are dominating the book market as far as self publishing goes. Some authors have really taken advantage of the services. And why not? You want something right, do it yourself.

Make money!

It’s not a guarantee so don’t shoot the messenger if your ish doesn’t pop off like you wanted it to. However if you put in the hard work you will in turn get hard cash. Realize also you must spend money to make money.

Self publishing avenues allows your work to become available a hell of a lot faster than if a traditional publisher did it. I’m still trying to figure out the mystery to why is that.

There is a downfall to self publishing (oh come on you already knew this was coming). Quite a few authors have went the self publishing route but didn’t take the quality of their work seriously putting out work full of garbage, grammatical errors, stereotypical dialogue (uh-hmmm urban lit?!), complicated plots and the whole terrible she-bang that would make Webster dictionary cringe. So out of the 235,000 self published novels how many actually are quality work?

One more thing, don’t get lost in the publishing game. If you self publish keep in mind there are 234,999+ right along with you trying to catch peoples’ attention so be innovative, creative and damn good!

Peace and luv!


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