Agents and Their Opinion

I value the advice of people in the writing business. Agents, editors, PR, etc. They have been in the game for awhile so they know a little somethin’, somethin’ because of their long standing career. However every once in awhile there comes an expert who voices their professional opinion and it ends up sounding more like hating than legitimate advice. Which brings me to literary agent Janet Reid. I’m not going to write her whole post, you can check that out on her blog but I do wanna point out a few things she said. Ms. Reid really made a point to tell her fans what self publishing will NOT do for writers.

Self published writers need to sell more than 20,000 copies to get traditional publishers’ attention.

I don’t agree and let me tell you why, not all self publishing authors want to get the attention of a traditional publisher. Most want the freedom of how their book is going to be presented. Why allow some big wighead behind a desk all day try to package and sell your baby with a completely different envision than yours?

Mystery series will not sell.

Why not? I love mysteries and if I know there is a series that means a few things, the writer is in it for the long haul and is not about writing one great book and that’s it. Plus mystery is a popular genre, along with erotica.

She also claims big publishers do not want to read the second series that is selling very well however your first sold less than 100. I self published a book, the plot was decent however me being inexperienced in the publishing game I did not market it right, hire an editor, do a decent job on the book cover, none of that. So just because the first book did not sell like they want it should not make them want to work with you. I have read plenty of books published by traditional publishers and they were garbage. They need to focus on their clients that suck before they start talking about self published authors. Not all of us are traditional published rejects ya feel me?


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