First Day Wasn’t So Bad

Yesterday I started like many of you NaNoWriMo. First time I heard about this was last year and my chicken ass bailed out. This November I said screw it I’m doing it. I was and still are nervous as all get out. (It’s only been a day so I better not get too geeked up huh?)

My project is called Without Consent and it is a psychological thriller about a woman who is raped. Instead of going to the police and letting her family know she hopes the memory of that vicious night will disappear. That is not his plan, in his head he believes they are in love and in a serious relationship. There is no end to what madness he will put her thru until she breaks down altogether. On top of all that she becomes pregnant.

What in the world would you do in a situation like that? Would you keep the baby or abort it? It is a touchy subject but I guarantee you will be thoroughly entertained with this one. I cannot wait to start posting samples. Can you?

Peace and luv!


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