Start Off Your New Year Write…I Mean Right With These

What are your resolutions for 2013? Is it to become a bestseller? To write that novel you’ve had locked in your head for years? Become a journalist or switch to a different genre than the one you are writing on now just to challenge yourself? Let me help you out a little. Amazon has recommended these books to inspire you to get it poppin and write that fiction, nonfiction or poem you’ve been wanting to. Check them out:

2013 Writer’s Market – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market – Chuck Sambuchino

2013 Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Guide to Literary Agents – Chuck Sambuchino

2013 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market – Scott Francis

2013 Poet’s Market – Robert Lee Brewer

2013 Songwriter’s Market – Roseann Biederman

There you have it! So there should be no excuse as to why you can’t start AND finish that novel THEN to publish it.

Peace and luv!


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