Poetic Presidency

While you are out voting today let me give you something to marinate on while you are waiting in those long lines. Did you know that Phyllis Wheatley was the poet that influenced George Washington? In case you have never heard of her and to save you Googling time, she was the first black woman to publish a book of poetry. This doesn’t surprise me one bit especially since he seemed to have a thing for the sistahs on his plantation.

What about our current President? I personally would have thought it would be Dr Maya Angelou however it is Elizabeth Alexander.

To see other presidents’ influence cbeck into Poetic Presidents put out by The Poetry Foundation.

Peace and luv!

It does not matter who you vote for just vote, especially my black people. I am tired of our lame excuse as to why not to vote. Regardless there have been so many people who have been killed trying to give us the freedom to vote. Not voting is like sticking up your middle finger at their contributions so stop it and VOTE!


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