Avon Wants Your Romance Novel

I guess Avon was not playin’ they really are trying to get into this publishing thing. I have mentioned before that Avon linked up with HarperCollins to create an imprint called Avon Impulse, perfect name by the way. They are looking for writers and they could not have picked a perfect time to start their search.

When us NaNoWriMo writers come out of our caves and back into the light called life clutching our bestselling work of art Avon will be on the other side with open hands to accept any romance novels. Yes romance not my cup of tea but I know some of my readers are blazing a trail in that area so listen up. We are talking about that mushy, Fabio kind of romance that Lifetime likes to play all day every day stuff. Avon Impulse is doing their rendition of NaNoWriMo called National Romance Writing Month.

Anywhoo….several editors will be available on http://www.nanowrimo.org to speak to any romance novelists, maybe if this is successful they will make it an annual thing. I mean no pressure right? You already have been stressing enough to write a whole movel in 30 days what more can we spring on you? You will be alright, just woosai it out and you will be fine. Happy writing!

Peace and luv!


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