Hook Your Readers On Page 102!

Click onto pretty much any writing blog or website and you will see this golden universal rule, hook your readers on page one here is how! There are a few problems with this theory.

1. It’s annoying! Seeing that on all those sites make me wanna scream. Some people actually charge people for that line as though it is such a secret. You just sound inexperienced and I will need you to get it together!

2. It’s exhausting! New writers are force fed that rule then they put every writing rule they have learned in their first page and become too exhausted to finish the manuscript! Sometimes it is better to start slow and build things up. It gives your reader the ability to know your character/s and their environment.

3. What about the middle and ending? Especially the middle. You need that atomic push throughout the story not just in the beginning. You want to keep your reader up all night not put them to sleep!

4. Reader overload! Too much is not good for your reader. Just because the maon character is introduced doesn’t mean we need to know all their business including their mama name, their uncle’s bunyons and how they hurt or baby Tyrone’s poop schedule, you know irrelevant shit that makes your reader confused as hell. I hate when I ride the city bus and the person who chose to sit next to me tell me all their business without my permission. It’s like that.

5. It brings out the perfectionist in the writer. The more the writer dwell on making a bomb ass first page the chances increase of them not finishing the novel because they are too caught up in being perfect and hooking on that first page.

Look I’m not saying do not bedazzle from jump. I’ve read plenty of novels where the first page was not shooting off fireworks and the story was great. Find what is best for that story write! Put in as much effort in page 102 as you did for page one. Do not listen to all of these sites/blogs (not mine of course) and create a change reaction in your readers. There is more to your novel than that first page.

Peace and luv!


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