A Non-Word is Word Of the Year?

Now I know why we have literacy issues here in America because of this idiocy right here.

The 2012 Word of the Year was recently released. Wanna know what it is? GIF. No seriously that is the word they chose.

Can I ask you something since we are all friends here? What the hell is a GIF? I have written articles on them and I still do not know what they are or their purpose. Another thing, I may not be the smartest person in the world but last time I checked GIF is not a legit word. Who in the world was on that committee Snoop Dogg and his son after a smoke out session? Bill Cosby had it right when he said kids are so used to the abbreviations used for Twitter and texting they have started talking like that. Instead of actually laughing they will just say LOL and keep it moving.

Technology is beautiful only when used to better life but please people use some common sense….GIF is not a word just like your iPhones are not parents, and cursive should still be taught in schools! No wonder China is smarter, we have become such a lazy society!

Your thoughts on the non-word beating all other actual words?

Peace and luv!


One thought on “A Non-Word is Word Of the Year?

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