Keeping Word Count Or Stick With Intuition?

What is your method for completing a novel? Do you live for the amount of words a day you write or do you focus more on the technicality, intuition part? I’ve never been one for the counting game. Even with this NaNoWriMo thing the numbers game works my nerves. Just because you completed a novel that is 50,000 does not mean anything. You can have 50,000+ words of bullshit. I still write a substantial amount each day however I focus on the quality of my work.

Poor job…

Writing based on word count makes you write any kind of ish just to make the daily quota. Your first draft usually sucks but why add more unneccessary garbage to the mix?

Give it up…

Quite a few authors (not all) will become discouraged if they don’t get to their daily word count goals. I shouldn’t write anymore becomes their mantra.

So what do you like to do? A little of both? Let me know.

Peace and luv!


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