Stephen King’s Advice

I read an article the other day on a website. Stephen King was speaking in seeing the scene before you write it down. I had a moment when I read it because I thought every writer did that. I mean what other way is there?

This would be on the top 5 list of best advice for writers. No matter what kind of scene no matter how insignificant you need to visualize the scene otherwise you will not get the realness to come across the pages. I don’t need you thinking about what you will be making for dinner or if you actually brushed your teeth this morning (did you? I hope you did) while writing. It’s hard but it is what it is. You know when you’re talking to someone say for instance your teenage child who may be looking at you when you are talking but you know their minds are somewhere else? It’s like that. It irks me to read a novel and I know the author was not connected. Maybe since I’m a writer I am sensitive to things like this ever after putting on my reader hat I don’t know but it irks me all the same.

There have been characters I’ve written that had me cursing at them because I couldn’t stand their very essence but I know I would not have cared enough to get pissed if I had not have envisioned the character as though I were them and in that scene. Don’t be the fly in the room. Great advice Mr. King.

Peace and lu


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