The Most Powerful Authors In Hollywood

What makes an author powerful? Is it how many books they sell or the ability to weave fantasy into words that breathes life into anyone who reads the book? Does your definition apply to authors who have crossed over into the Hollywood scene? Or do they have a whole other level of power? According to The Hollywood Reporter a powerful writer in Hollywood has accomplished successfully the transition from book to the movie screen, has mastered getting their work published and have made a cultural influence due to their literary work.

The Hollywood Reporter has released the list for the 25 Most Powerful Authors in Hollywood. You should not be surprised at who made the list especially if you love to read but just in case you have no clue here are the top 10 from that list:

1. Stephen King
2. Elmore Leonard
3. Nicholas Sparks
4. El James
5. Suzanne Collins
6. Robert Kirkman
7. George R. R. Martin
8. James Patterson
9. Michael Lewis
10. Stephenie Meyer

Check out the complete list here. THR also did a list for authors to look out for to make it into Hollywood too. Guess who is numero uno on that list?

1. Zane
2. Jennifer Egan
3. Lee Child
4. Maggie Stievater
5. John Green
6. Ranson Riggs

Do you agree with either list? I have only read work from Zane in the authors to watch list but I am up for reading something from the others. If you had to make a list of the top 5 powerhouse authors who would be on that list?

Peace and luv!


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