Your Novel’s Worth

Lets be honest for a sec. How much is your novel worth? Five dollars? A hundred? A million? I’m not talking about how much you would sell it for but how much you would put into having it come to fruition (going the self publishing route).

While you marinate in that answer let me tell you what publisher Simon & Schuster have come up with for self publishers. Starting in July of 2013 S&S will have Archway Publishing assist you in your publishing needs. You will be able to publish your nonfiction, fiction, children’s and business books. Editorial design, distribution and marketing will be available.

Still thinking about the worth of your novel? Ok well here is a few more things Archway will offer.

The Concierge will be the personal guide to you to help with every last step until you are published.

The Archway Speakers Bureau will help shape you into an expert in the field you are in. I’m going to assume this is more for nonfiction writers since they are the ones who do most of the speaking engagements.

The Premier Video Production and Distribution department will help create a high quality video for your book so it will be seen on major video networks (MTV? Nah!)

Once your work is published it will be put into the online catalog used to order books for libraries, bookstores, etc called Edelweiss.

Now with everything I just told you how much would you pay to have your novel prepped, polished and professionally handled? S&S offers packages starting at $1,999 and go all the way up to $14,999 for the Publicist package. Yeah I said it 15 grand!

S&S is a reputable publisher but I’ll be damned if I pay fifteen grand. I believe my novels are great, don’t get it twisted but really? Where did they come up with the prices? God? I do not see this being successful do you? I need to get a hold of the complete list of what they will offer in that fifteen grand package! They better guarantee success with your novel….just sayin!

Peace and luv!


4 thoughts on “Your Novel’s Worth

  1. 15 grand does seem excessive. Then again, if that money does actually translate into sales … worth it? I just don’t see that happening, though.

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