You Survived NaNoWriMo….Now What?

Have you recovered from all of that celebrating you did over the weekend for surviving NaNoWriMo? Good because your ass will need to have a clear head for what you are about to do next. If you are not quite there, just pop an aspirin and wake up, brush your teeth, all of that necessary stuff.

Hopefully you had a plan for once November was over and even if you did not have one you can still devise a plan. I’m not here to tell you what plan that should be because I do not know what you wrote nor do I know what you expect out of completing this novel. But I do have some simple advice you can take on your journey….you ready?

Think then act!!!!!

I have a slight problem whenever I have an idea sometimes I don’t write it down or act on it right away which then makes the idea end up not coming to life.

See the difference between a successful writer and a wishful thinking one is that the successful writer immediately acted on their idea. So now that you have this completed manuscript in your hand where’s your editor? Designer? How are you planning on marketing it? My point is whatever you decide to do immediately do the first step, this will increase the chances of completing the project. If you absolutely cannot then when you get a chance do the first step! Don’t let all those long November nights of typing and creating go to waste.

Peace and luv!


3 thoughts on “You Survived NaNoWriMo….Now What?

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