Do You View Black Writers Differently Than White Writers?

I think of the oddest things at the oddest things at the oddest times. Here is an example of my random odd thinking.

I was scrolling thru my Facebook timeline and caught another author congradulating an author for topping the Amazon’s African American bestsellers’ list. I asked myself why in the world do we need to have a seperate list? To me it seems as if we are not viewed on the same literary level.

Listen I’m not one of those black people that call out racism at every opportunity; I hate people like that because it waters down the real issues that needs to be addressed in our community. I am just a curious writer who wonders why we are seperate and not equal? I’m just as talented. My novels are not specifically for blacks, I want all to read my works.

What side are you on?

Do you even care, acknowledge or want an african american bestsellers list? I heard a few authors say they love the seperate list and section. It is easier to find what they want however the books are put in alphabetically so how can you not find them?

To my non-black readers do you even read the books from the african american section or bestseller’s list? Why or why not? There is a stigma that all we write is street lit or erotica but that is not true, we write in any genre. That misconception can harm a person’s sales, not by much but you feel what I’m saying.

As a writer I don’t want a bookstore owner look at my name and throw me in the black section, go by the genre I wrote. I don’t want to be just a black writer who can’t compete with the authors on the main bestseller’s list.

I would love to hear everybody’s opinion on this and how you personally view the seperatism with writers in the community. Should it remain seperate or mesh together?

Peace and luv!


One thought on “Do You View Black Writers Differently Than White Writers?

  1. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was an African-American bestseller list. I generally read whatever looks interesting to me. If I see a cool title, or a wicked cover, or an interesting synopsis, I’ll get the book. I don’t pay much attention to bestseller lists, and I couldn’t care less who wrote the books I read.

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