Screenwriting Basics

Everything you know about script writing needs to be thrown out the window.

I read an article on Writer’s Digest written by Michael Ferris who has been doing scripts for a minute and knows what he is talking about. The original article is lengthy but informative and I highly suggest you read it all especially if you are planning to get into screenwriting. Read the original here.

For formatting Mr. Ferris states every paragraph should be less than three lines. Write in visual perspective, describe what can be seen not heard and lastly make sure it is in present tense form.

On dialogue keep 95% of it three lines or less. Understand that the meaning of a character’s style is knowing their core not about what designer they have on or in other words what is their motivation?

White Space. I had no idea what this was to be honest. However he says the more white space there is the better! This means take out lines you can’t hear or see (show not tell remember that rule?), anything that doesn’t move the story along or anything about the characters that do not add depth to their state of mind.

Again the article was helpful so I strongly suggest you read it, bookmark it or whatever.

Peace and luv!


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