Literary Trend Predictions for 2013

This year has been a breakthrough for the children’s and YA genre. Fantasy has taken people of all ages into another world. Next year though will fantasy top the most popular genre to read?

Editorial director David Allender gave his predictions for what he thinks will trend in 2013 in the children’s category. Here it is.

10. Nature running amok
9. Diversity
8. Survival
7. Tough girls
6. War
5. Kid lit
4. Cartoon novels
3. Nonfiction
2. Science fiction
1. Bullying

If you’re one of those writers that, unlike me, that write stories based on what is hot then this is a good list to refer to for your 2013 writing goals. I say write what the hell you want instead of what you think is hot at the moment. Think of it this way, if you write based on popularity your work will not stand the test of time. Look at James Baldwin books or Toni Morrison, their novels are still being enjoyed by a whole new group of readers. I’m for sure they did not go off of what was popular how could they there was no internet, social media, etc to check out the trending genres all they wanted to do was write. Either way you decide do it well I suppose, just keep writing.

Peace and luv!


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