Your 2013 Hustle (part 1)

What are your writing goals for next year? I say goals instead of resolutions because no one ever takes resolutions seriously. Anywhoo, the great thing about goals is that you don’t have to wait until Jan. 1st to start implementing the steps to achieve them. Let me start you off with a few goals you might want to start with.

Do you suffer from incomplete-itis or incompletephobia? Basically you have a problem with finishing your stories. I have it bad so I need to listen to my own advice too. If you suffer from any of these I suggest you make it a point to finish EVERY literary project for 2013! You don’t have to like the project however finishing it will build a discipline in you that will help down the line. Create mini steps to complete them if you easily get overwhelmed by large projects. Focus on completing one chapter a week, month whatever only then keep it moving until it is finished. I just downloaded an app called ActionMethod to my android phone and I’m geeked about it cause it seems like something that will get me to finish my projects. I do recommend you check that out.

Ok everyone and their mama writes novels these days. Self publishing services have made it hella easy to make that happen however if that is the route you are taking can I suggest that you read…no inhale every writing book out there if an editor is not an option for you. Inconsistencies, grammar, misspellings, etc are a bad disease to acquire while being a self publisher. I will be starting next month posting a book per month that should help writers improve their craft so visit this blog often for a few changes.

Another goal to put on that list is to step out of your genre zone. Don’t freak out, grab a paper bag and breathe evenly. When writers do one genre they tend to become stagnant a little. It’s similar to driving a certain route to work everyday. One day there is construction that will make you detour another way and suddenly you realize landmarks, stores, houses or people you did not know existed. This is what dipping into another genre will do – enlighten you or make you approach your writing in a different way, you get what I’m saying right? You don’t have to stay permanently in this genre just be open to experiencing new writing techniques.

It’s ok if you’ve slacked on your writing, hell I’ve slacked so much my friends do not even ask how’s the book coming anymore, not a good thing. Do like I’m doing pick my ass up, make some serious goals, review them everyday and keep hustlin! What are your writing goals?

Peace and luv!

Suggested resource: 10 writing resolutions you can fufill


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