Your 2013 hustle (part 2)

Content calendars yay or nay? Personally I’m not a fan. I can’t say that 6 months down the line I will feel like speaking on editing or whatever I assigned myself to write about months prior. I’m a gemini and a woman that means I change my mind more than a lil bit.

Google content calendar and get a plethora of sites. There are various ways to set up a calendar it just all depends on you.

Not into writing out a year’s worth of content? Shorten it to a month. Make sure to set time to do this. Say you don’t use some topics one month, shift them to the next month.

Use the list method instead of an actual calendar. Excel would work great with this technique. Put a title in one column some notes for it in another column and there you go. Email a copy to yourself just in case. If you are not cool with the computer thing, write it out. Sometimes physically writing it can make it stick to your brain longer…so I’ve heard.

Want something more sophisticated? Scan through software online. I have listed a few but let me warn you I did not check these out prior to posting this like I normally do so don’t kill the messenger if what you find is a lil shaky.

The great thing I will say about having a content calendar is that you can post it on your site so your readers know and will get excited about what is to come. If you use a content calendar can you share them so others who may be struggling with theirs can have inspiration.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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