Make money don’t get broke from self publishing

One of the CEOs if Smashwords made an interesting prediction for 2013. He stated that writers who self publish will pay more money out of their pocket getting their novel done than what they will get in profits.

Houston we have a slight problem. I understand that you have to spend money to make money but damn. Crazy thing is I believe him. As a writer who self publish it is easy to get caught up in the services many people offer because you feel that you need to. But it is all about being smart with it.

A lot of the traditional publishers who now offer self publishing services trump up their editing, designing, etc services in order for you to look at those packages and buy. Break that ish down and you will realize there is no difference, it comes out breaking your bank either way.

Neither I nor Mark Coker of Smashwords are trying to steer you away from self publishing we just want you to be careful. It is time consuming but do your homework. Hell it’s hard out here for a pimp! Know your goals, what you want before searching otherwise you will take anything. Know what you will pay for. A thousand for someone to develop a Facebook page? You should not pay for that! Come on now.

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3 thoughts on “Make money don’t get broke from self publishing

  1. Just like with any other business proposition (because that’s what publishing is – business) it’s all about the research.
    If you can’t explain the package they’re selling you to your grandmother or little brother, you need to pass. And if you can’t tell me what other publishers rates are, you need to pass. And if you can’t introduce me to other writers who’ve used the same self publisher and were satisfied, you need to pass.

    • Agreed. I like the ‘ if you can’t explain it to your grandma then pass’ theory. Do you know of any publishers that actually give you other prices from different company? I have not seen any.

      • Oh I doubt there are any publishers that helpful.
        I simply meant that just like you shop around when dealing with vendors, even if only to get a feel for pricing, you should shop around when dealing with publishers. Even if the other publishers don’t want to deal with your manuscript, it will still give you price comparisons and a feel for the local market.

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