Do Flash Fiction & leave the novels to the professionals!

Not my words by the way. A writer decided to post an interesting post on Reddit’s site the other day that sparked some not so um nice responses to say the least including mines. I won’t post his whole babble, you can however read it here Let me give you a taste of this writer’s foolish theory, peep:

I have noticed that beginning writers are working on novels…organizations such as Nanowrimo are encouraging this and I am not sure why.”

Oh and this is my favorite.

“Why are writers encouraged to set themselves up for disappointment by beginning their journeys with a novel they will most likely be of poor quality?”

Ha! Who is this fool? Basically he is saying aspiring writers need to start with flash fiction before getting into the big boy stuff. All I’ve known was novels. I didn’t start doing short stories until a year ago. There are different rules (to me) when writing a short story than writing a novel. But who are you to tell writers where they need to start? You’re putting restrictions on someone’s goals. So to you mr i know what’s best, I need you to go somewhere cause us real writers are busy! Something tells me an instructor told him he sucked when he attempted to write a novel and he has carried that chip all this time.

I’ve read novels from established writers that sucks, point blank! So it doesn’t matter. How do you feel about his theory? Should writers start with flash fiction?

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2 thoughts on “Do Flash Fiction & leave the novels to the professionals!

  1. I didn’t find it all that offensive. I think he’s missing the basic point — that novel-writing is a completely different art form from short story / flash fiction writing, and that spending years writing short pieces won’t necessarily translate well into a longer work — but I get where he’s coming from. He says that he’s a musical composer, and from that vantage his words make a lot more sense. If you want to write music, you need to have a lot of practice and really know what you’re doing before you sit down and compose anything as elaborate as a symphony. But writing a novel isn’t comparable to writing a symphony, so his idea is flawed. Still, he’s write in the fact that people should have a basic grasp on how to write before they attempt something as elaborate as a novel.

  2. reikiheidi says:

    I agree with you. We’re all adults – we can write novels if that’s what draws us – and I’m sure there are very few new writers who expect to be published straight away!
    Everyone has to start somewhere – and writing a novel is certainly a skill to expand imagination, creativity, writing style, characterisation, and so forth.

    Shall we point out that J K Rowling was a ‘new’ writer?!

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