Need an agent?

What makes a great agent? At the end of the day a great agent better have a passion for the genre you are writing AND get you that big ass six figure book deal for that manuscript you have slaved over for months….only half kidding.

Know the genre they represent before sending your story. Honestly don’t send your science fiction novel to an agent who only specializes in memoirs. They wouldn’t know the first thing about that genre. Granted they may have connects but with all the submissions they get daily why would they waste their time sending your ish?

How many clients do the agent have currently? Too many clients can mean you will not get the attention you need resulting in missed opportunities. Be caution of a too eager beaver agent, they may be more concerned with how the client list look to potential clients than anything else.

Connections. Not a sexual connection gosh get your mind out of the gutter! An agent may have a decent list of high powered, money making clients but if the agemt has a bad ass attitude how will you two work?  Remember you as a writer have to look at yourself as a business. Your brand is at stake, screw interviews, etc if your agent is an ass.

Check the agents website for updated information regularly! You never know when the agent ventures off to another company or no longer is in the business. Always do your homework.

Now who do you go to? I’m not a miracle worker but here is a few agents who are looking for clients.

Brittany Howard
Genre: YA

Margaret Bail
Genre: adult fiction

Andy Sheer

Samantha Dighton
Genre: literary, historical, mystery/thriller, magical realism, psychological thrillers, YA & narrative nonfiction

Jennifer Udden
Genre: science fiction, fantasy and mysteries

Bradford Literary Agency
Genre: romance, urban fantasy, women’s fiction, mystery, children’s, business, and self help
Query by email

Greyhaus Literary Agency
Genre: romance
Only take queries until March 17th

Hornfischer Literary Management
Genre: nonfiction
Query by email only

If you’re not sure how to query, check out these suggestions:

Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters

The Writer’s Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals

2013 Guide to Literary Agents

Peace and luv from your girl, Talia

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