Stay up on your literary events

Get out your iPhones or Android phone because I have a few events you need to check out. I mean that is why I am here right?

This upcoming Tuesday agents from New Leaf Literary will be on Twitter at 2p PST time giving advice to writers on what they look for in potential clients. So prepare those questions or comments because you never know. Tell your non-writing friends and fam not to text, call or DM you during this time cause you will be about your hustle and they are going to have to go somewhere, you’re busy. Use the hashtag #NaNoNewLeaf to dive into the conversation.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, the 3rd Annual Pitchapalooza is approaching. Email your pitch to If you win you can get introduced to an agent.

Keeping on the subject of pitches the PitchSlam is coming too, right after the Writer’s Digest conference. Literary agents will be in the building from every genre. You will get 90 seconds to introduce yourself, pitch idea and sell the idea. Immediate feedback is at your service, I just hope you are not terrible or otherwise be in for an awkward moment. It can on the other hand get you further into the door of their office and a contract.

Last event I need to let you know about. MediaBistro will start hosting book club parties four times a year. First one will be held on April 2nd. Four lucky winners will be choosen to speak at the event. It’s free to register but interested writers need to submit their work a month before the event, they will be notified two weeks before party. Deadline for the April event is March 1st. Did I mention that it’s free to register? Making sure you remember. Visit for full details. Hope these helped you relight the spark inside of you.

Peace and luv from yours truly,


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