MIRRORS Monologues

Eventually I will get into script writing since one of the things I have on my bucket list is to write and direct a movie that will win an Oscar. What perfect way for me to start than with the MIRRORS Monologues from Women’s Lives.

MIRRORS is looking for monologues for a reading in the Big Apple for 2014. I read up on the women behind this organization and it excited me more to let you know about it and for me to try and participate. Even if I don’t win just the fact that I sent my work in will make me proud of myself…ah hell who am I foolin’, I am in this to win! Submitting isn’t enough.

Between Feb. 1st and March 31st MIRRORS is accepting scripts from a variety of women. Women of all backgrounds, sexual orientation, ethnicity, education, and religion are welcomed. The submission needs to be 1-3 pages, unpublished and unproduced. The piece needs to tell of a time, serious or funny, when you looked into a mirror and experienced an emotional moment.
All of the guidelines are on http://www.themirrormonologues.com. No email submissions will be accepted nor will your script be returned to you. Along with your script include one unbound title page with contact info, signed permission form you can get off the website and a 60 word bio on you. Send all to:

MIRRORS Monologues from Women’s Lives
Box 115
527 Third Ave
New York, NY 10016

Hopefully I will meet uou in NY when they pull the best monologues and turn it into a 90 minute reading in 2014!

Peace and luv from yours truly,


Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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