Book publishers who want your manuscript

Dust off that manuscript and listen up. Finding a publisher can be tiresome as hell. Yes in this modern day of self publishing traditional publishers still exist, they just have a hell of a list of qualifications you need to possess before they touch you.

Do you have a good platform?
What writing communities are you apart of?
Where is your marketing plan?
How will you promote your novel?
How is your communication

You know…the basics. And you better be up on your shit and have a perfect polished product. Don’t let the work overwhelm you until you are paralyzed with fear, be proud of your work if you’re not excited about it how can you expect an agent or publisher to?

Speaking of publishers here are a few who are looking to add writers to their roster. I advise you to read their guidelines and follow them to a t!

Arsenal Pulp Press
Subjects: cultural studies, political/sociological studies, regional nonfiction, cookbooks, craft books, visual art, health, gay/lesbian nonfiction, multicultural nonfiction, literary nonfiction and several forms of fiction

Writers need to provide a synopsis, chapter by chapter outline, credentials, 50 pg excerpt and marketing analysis.

InterVarsity Press
Subject: evangelical christianity

Submit proposal package via post including chapter by chapter summary, 2 finished chapters, summary and bio

Chronicle Books
Publishes books, calendars and kits

Submit complete manuscript or a proposal including 1page cover letter, outline, intro, sample illustrations/pics with captions, sample chapters, market analysis and bio.

Send via email

Persea Books
Subjects: memoir, biography, jewish/middle eastern, women’s studies, fiction and poetry

Writers submit cover letter, author bavkground, publication history, synopsis and sample chapter

Soft Skull Press
Fun, smart, quirky, cagerattling fiction/nonfiction

Writers of nonfiction send cover letter, full proposal with 2 sample chapters.

By the way, I got all of these from

Peace and luv from yours truly,


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