My next project – Dear Daddy

Earlier this week I finished the first draft of my psychological thriller Without Consent. I put it to the side to clear my head of it and dived into writing the outline to Dear Daddy. I have to keep it moving if I’m to be on the bestseller’s list this year. I wrote a snippet of a synposis so check it out:

Eleven year old Amethyst is stripped from the life she became accustomed to. Her mama has taken her to another country to get back into modeling. Greed and selfishness makes her mama leave her in a women’s shelter only to be picked up by the dangerous Sonny Deablo and sold into the underground human trafficking world.

Starved, beaten and continuously raped Amethyst has to earn her keep in the sex brothel. She hopes that she will find her mama however she learns quickly life and people are not always what they seem to be.

Peace and luv!

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