MediaBistro’s Self Publishing Finishing School

MediaBistro has a great website, I can’t say that enough, I love roaming through it daily for updates, resources, etc. If you have not noticed self publishing has become popular these last few years even though traditional publishers have said it is just a fad. Do you know the basics of self publishing? Let me help you out if you are lost or intiminated by the whole thing.

Starting on April 3rd through May 8th MediaBistro is offering a workshop for writers interested in self publishing. It’s called the Self Publishing Finishing School. Students will be equiped with valuable advice from actual self published authors. By the end of the workshop you will be ready to introduce your work to the world.

This is only for students that have a completed maniscript ready for print!

Register by March 6th and you only pay $395, after that date the price goes up to $470. Here is a list of the speakers and schedule. Visit the site to register for this and other events.


Jason Boog – editor for MediaBistro
Dan Blank – founder of
Mark Coker – founder of Smashwords
Colleen Hoover – author
Guy Kawaski – author
Scott Steinberg – CEO TechSavvy Online Outreach, Pitching & Budgeting
Brooke Warner – founder of Warner Coaching, Inc


Week 1: Get manuscript ready for public view

Week 2: A crash course in ebook self publishing

Turning your book into an ebook

Week 3: Case studies

Setting up your author platform

Week 4: How to build a social media marketing platform

Week 5: Online outreach, pitching and budgeting

Week 6: Create an attractive ebook

Peace and luv!

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