Sister Souljah’s Ghostwriter?

My favorite writer Sister Souljah has become the latest person accused of having a ghostwriter for her newest work, the sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever.

That novel came on the scene damn near 15 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the street lit novel and still resonates as my fav. Now blogs and websites are claiming Sister Souljah used a ghostwriter for the sequel A Deeper Love Inside: the Porsche Santiago Story because the style of the writing is drastically different. Look writers’ styles change. That shows their growth in their talent. I think fans of street lit have been brainwashed by the garbage that newer writers put out. Ninety-nine percent of the works that come out is chopped full of stereotypes that is not a representation of any hood, hell I grew up in one and last I checked I am not high-yellow (or yellah) however the majority of chicks on the covers of these novels are light skinned with hair down to their asses. Every brotha doesn’t sell drugs. I went through more than money, sex and drugs growing up, yet that plot has been the theme for street lit which is so damn sad. It is as if the writers collectively rode the city transportation bus through the hood and stamped themselves as street lit experts.

One of the main reasons I love Sister Souljah’s works is because she goes deeper than the redundant stereotypes. Her works are more character driven, you have no choice but to be drawn to them. I feel like she still stayed with that in the sequel but she has improved but I don’t think it is so drastic that I would accuse her of having a ghostwriter; I don’t know her personally but I don’t think that is her style.

Why are we as blacks a hell of a lot more critical with each other than any other race? We love knocking each other down when it is unnecessary. But what do I know right? Ms. Souljah, keep doing your thang sistah! You are my inspiration!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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