Think like a man, write like a co-author

I don’t know too many ladies who did not read Steve Harvey’s bestseller Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady. There was such a waiting list to check it out at the library I had to go and buy the damn thang. Did you know though that he co-authored with a woman by the name Denene Millner?

This talented sistah did an interview for MediaBistro and she had an interesting piece of advice for writers thinking about co-authoring. Let me give you her resume first.

Ms. Millner is an author, journalist, ghostwriter, columnist and did I mention she created one of the best mommy blogs out there

Now, the advice she said she would give a writer is to establish trust. If you don’t trust the person you are collaborating with the project will not be successful.

I’m going to trust her on this one. I am terrified of co-authoring or ghostwriting for celebrities. Knowing my luck I write a memoir or bio, bring it back to celeb and they sue me because I fabricated something. You know we are such a suing country.

Besides trust what else is needed? How about chemistry? I skipped school the day God gave patience and people skills out. I will be professional all day, everyday but if you have a funky attitude I will chuck the deuces up.

However if you do co-author or ghostwrite make sure you cross your t’s and dot the i’s. Communication is key through the whole process. If you feel something isn’t meshing, cut out in a friendly way hopefully there isn’t a contract breach if this happens.

What are your guidelines to co-authoring? Who was your favorite writer to work with? And how do one initiate that kind of a business relationship?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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