A mama’s words of wisdom

Terrence J can add the title author to his growing credentials. Several years ago the world was officially introduced to this brotha on BET’s 106 & Park and since then he has hit the ground running at top speeds.

The Wealth Of My Mother’s Wisdom is the title to the book that will be published through IT, an imprint to HarperCollins. I haven’t found an official release date yet (Terrence holla at me) but I can tell you that it will be about the influence his mama had on him. He says,

“I know that many of the successful moments in life, personally and professionally, have been in part because of the lessons that she has taught me and I am proud to share her words of wisdom to inspire others.”

source: blog It’s Only Entertainment

As a mama we cherish the times when our kids pay homage to us when they become adults. We breathe a sigh of relief and say to ourselves, ok so my child really was listening to me all those years!

So he has successfully tackled being a host, then being an actor om the big screen, then back again as a host on the E! network and now author. Wow, not bad my brotha, not bad. Bet Toni Braxton is sucking all on her toes after she made that shallow comment last year on the Wendy Williams show that Terrence did not make enough for her to even consider a date with him. The question now is Toni do you have enough ends cause last time I counted you filed for bankruptcy about 3 times? It doesn’t matter anyway because Victoria Secret model Selita is not planning to loosen her grip on him. They remind me of the black version of Ryan Seacrest and his girl. But anywhoo, much success to you on your book and keep hustlin like you have been.

Peace and luv!

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