Twitter Tweet Turnoffs

There is nothing more annoyimg than an overbearing salesman! They can’t accept the.word no to save their lives. Plenty of times I have popped, locked and dropped it to my knees when they knocked on my door as though they could see through the walls. I know I’m not the only one who have done that.

I feel the same way about writers on Twitter. I get it, we have to hustle as writers because how else are we going to sell our book? But some people really need a lesson on Twitter etiquette.


The quickest way to NOT get me to purchase your book is to yell at me to buy it. I can scroll down my Twitter feed and see so many writers telling me I should buy their book. The more they tweet that the more they start to whine then beg and finally a combination of threatening, whining then begging. By that time I’m ready to block their asses! Even though it’s online it doesn’t make it more cute. Trust me.

#hashtag, #hashtag, #hashtag, #hashtag, #hashtag, #hashtag

When I first got a Twitter account I thought the hashtag thing was genius, still do actually however many of you need to go to hashtag annonymous cause you’re doing too much. I mean I’ve started to have nightmares of hashtags chasing me for Christ’s sake! You don’t have to have 10-20 hashtags in one tweet. It reminds me of the guy in the club no one wants to talk to because he’s missing a few teeth, his breath makes a skunk smell good and if he gets too close you swear a bug that has never been discovered will pop out at any second, it is not attractive and is a turnoff. Tone it down just a smidge, thanks.

It’s a bestseller, trust me. My mama thinks it’s awesome!

Stop it, just stop it. You’re starting to sound like those poor souls on American Idol who has no business being there. Let your readers do the review. Even Stephen King gets that self assured after releasing a novel and he has the right to if he wanted.

Listen the best advice I will give you is just be you. Conversate with your followers, retweet someone else’s tweets. Eventually people will start to wonder who you are because they felt something you said. You can mention you have a book out but do it in a subtle way not shoving it down our throats.

Is there Twitter Tweet Turnoffs for you that I’ve missed? Writers, what has been your most successful marketing tactic? I want to create a list of the best ways to increase book sales and followers on Twitter.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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