Black Social Media Summit

Did you know blacks own more smartphones than any other race? Updating their Facebook, tweeting about their bathroom experience to downloading the hottest songs to listen to on the bus are mainly what is done with these phones however there is so much more than just updating a status. How about networking? Building a brand? Starting a business? Yes I said start a business, no longer does it take millions of dollars to start a business. Unfortunately blacks do not have the resources sometimes to take advantage of money making opportunities. Technology is a beautiful thing if used for creating and doing good. If you had the resources to start a business what business would you start? Did you know you can make money blogging, creating ebooks or doing frelance writing? I do all of that on my handy smartphone that I insist is my boyfriend.

Maya Angelou always say if you know better you do better. Well here is something you need to know about. Saturday April 13th at the Oasis on Lake Travis in Texas the Black Social Media Summit will be held. For one day participants will learn how to network, build a brand and navigate through the massive world known as social media in the hopes of improving our communities. Here is a peek at the events that will go down.

9-9:30a – registration
9:30-10 – WordPress vs Blogger vs. Squarespace
10-10:50- the Gatekeepers Gone?
11-11:30- Google+ and Facebook
11:30-12:15- LinkedIn & email marketing
1-1:50- Social media Superstars: Texas Brand edition
2-2:25- Business Skills for Bloggers
2:25-2:50- Building Strategic Partnerships
3-3:50- State of Black Social Media
4-5- Building a Blog Into a Brand

The price to attend this event is pretty decent. Early registration which ends March 18th is $67.62. After the 18th the price goes to $77.87 and late registration is $134.24. Visit the website to register.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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