Writing Plans for the Week?

What’s going on my hustl-hers and hustlas?! It’s Monday and whether you have to go to your 9-5 or take a few steps to your makeshift writing space (like myself) have your goals set before you sit down and do anything. I know you have heard me and others say write down your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them well it works. I also stand by speak good things into existence.

So what do need to get done this week? Do you need to finish that novel you have been letting collect dust? Make a goal to finish at least one page or five depending on your schedule. What about starting a new project? Not sure what to write about? Try this – for five minutes turn everything off and write whatever comes to your head. Dirty toilets. Cheating men. Ghosts. See I started a list for you now just write some more for the rest of the 4 minutes and 30 seconds left. When the five minites are up look over what you have and be inspired.

Maybe my goals will inspire you. Lets see…I want to finish half of my novel I’m writing called Dear Daddy since I came up with this crazy notion to finish this particular novel in a month. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I will be introducing the main character through a letter and posting it on Tumblr because I am turning that account into a Dear Daddy go to spot for promotion. So check this spot and my Tumblr which I will give links later.

AND I will finish the outline for the sex anthology I am writing by Friday. I am diggin this outline thing, it’s making things so much easier.

Those are my biggest writing goals for this week. Feel free to post yours below so we can encourage each other to finish. Grind hard!

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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