Reading is Fundamental

Every summer both of my kids participate in the reading program at our local Allen County Public Library. They win great prizes once they complete a certain amount of hours or books. They love it and I love it too. Kids need to continue to read throughout the summer months because if they don’t they run the risk of forgetting everything they learned the previous year once they go back in the fall. The first quarter is used just to catch students back up when they could be covering new material. No wonder so many students slip through the cracks, get low test scores which can lead to dropping out of school, having low self esteem and a bad work ethic. See how not reading can effect your child’s future?

Technology has given school educators and parents a way for students to learn in ways they were not able to even five years ago. That’s great if it’s used properly.

Bookboard, established back in November, is a subscription reading program that hopes to reignite the love for reading or open a new world they did not know existed. It has over 300 children’s ebooks and recent collabs allowed some classics to be available. Remember Berenstain Bears?

The app, now open for iPad, suggests books to kids based on what they have read and keeps their progress so you as the parent will know the areas they excel in and the areas they need help on. For a 6 month membership it is $4.99 a month and the basic monthly package is $8.99 a month and that is access to all the ebooks. I would highly recommend this to use with thosr iPads you got for.Christmas.

Peace and luv, sincerely,


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