What’s in a Name?

Mystery, horror, street lit, urban fantasy writer. Are you hung up on labeling yourself? As a society I believe we have become label happy. It doesn’t just effect writers either. With the increase of violence it is easy to label the killer as unstable, depressed or mentally disabled; it seems to put the victims and the world at ease because if there is a name for the foolery then we can get over it sooner.

What type of writer are you?

I have a problem with saying I’m a certain genre writer. One, I have way too many personalities to stay with one genre. There would be some upset characters if I did. To me picking one genre is like an actor who is forever typecasted for certain roles. You won’t see Angela Bassett doing dry comedy. Or what about Adam Sandler or Tina Fey, can you imagine them in dramatic roles?

What I don’t like is stereotyping. I’m black just in case you did not know and it drives me crazy when I admit to some random person I write, instantly they assume I write either erotica or street lit. No boo don’t insult my intelligence by thinking I can’t write any other genre! I know a few black authors who experience the same thing. I have written in those genres but I can do so much more! I have a long list on Scribd.com to prove it.

As far as labeling the novel’s genre now that is different. How else are you going to find me in bookstores? I don’t go into a bookstore to search for a particular genre, I just look for a good book, doesn’t matter what genre it is. How do you search for books? And am I the only one who is not hung up on the labeling thing? Comment, don’t be scurred!

Peace and luv!

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