What to tell your kids about tragedy

Where were you on Monday when the bombs went off in Boston? I was writing in my usual spot (sofa). That tragedy I honestly cannot compute so if I can’t and I am 33 how can a child? To be standing one minute and then the next lying in a pool of blood the next is beyond mindblowing.

Many news oulets have asked the question what do you tell your kids when they ask about situations like the Boston bombing?

-turn off the tv at some point. Although it is hard because we want to know what is going on you have to because it can overstimulate a child’s mind.

-don’t feel bad if you do not have all of the answers. No one does.

-ask them how they are feeling. Even if they don’t show it right away they still may feel weird, helpless or scared on the inside. Allow them to embrace that and embrace it with them. It lets them know that it is ok to feel upset, angry and sad.

Thankfully there is a such thing as social media and sites like MediaBistro because they have compiled a list of books parents and children can read about coping with tragedies such as this.

A Terrible Thing Happened by Margaret M. Holmes

Why Did It Happen? Helping Young Children Cope With the Experience of Violence by Janice Cohn

-Lets Talk About Living in a World with Violence by James Garbarino

I Hate Superman by Louise Simonson

Tuff Stuff: A Children’s Book on Drama by Joy Wilt Berry & Ernie Hergenroeder

I really do hope this help. If you have books that did not show on this list please post below for others to check out. Remember it is ok to feel something about this and everyday situations, it’s just unfortunate that we can’t protect our babies from all that is bad in this world but how we respond will impact how they respond to life as they get older.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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