Kindle Singles submission guidelines

Are Kindle Singles the new thing? I think I have been missing something, I read recently that so far there have been over 5 million sold so I was like well damn what are these singles and how do I make their number higher?

Here it is. Kindle Singles are basically short stories that are between 5-10,000 words. What sets them from other stories are they do not have chapters.

Like I said Amazon has peaked my interest especially since I have decided to push myself harder and start selling short stories for 99 cents and then poof this article came up. Ask and you shall receive!

Amazon is accepting submissions on pretty much everything except how-to, public domain works, reference books, travel guides or childrens books. You don’t have to be an established author to submit to Amazon. I would love to talk to someone who have actually went through this process so if you have either comment below or email me. Make sure you put something like Kindle Single experience in subject line so I don’t ass*ume you’re some crazy person.

Anywho…if you’re interested in submitting here’s a few guidelines. Either submit a pitch or the manuscript (I’d go for the latter unless it’s non-fiction then I would do the pitch) to If you submit the manuscript you have to include a cover letter and a detailed summary. Anyone just wanting to propose an idea to them contact the editors.

Amazon say they should respond within four weeks. Once they bite they will send you info on what else is needed from you.

You retain the rights as well as get royalties on your sales. Your single price needs to be between 99cents-$4.99 and you earn 70% in royalties.

I’m excited because I just finished a short story called Skin Deep that would be perfect for this. What about you?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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