MediaBistro tries something new!

MediaBistro is expanding its services for writers; as always this seems genius and makes you wonder why it wasn’t done before. It reminds me of a dating website, see if you think so too.

It’s called the Galleycat Writers’ Group Directory and it is still in it’s experiment stage. But how frustrating is it when you do a Google search for writers groups and a zillion results pop up? Even if you type in specific keywords you still end up with a kazillion results. This directory will do the job of hooking you up with the right people. All you have to do is create a profile so they can find people with similar writing interests.

Hopefully you can start a book club or some kind of online support system. A lot of people would love this. Many refuse to do book clubs because it is so time consuming, now one can get into one tailor fitted.

Now do you get why I said it sounds like a dating site? Who knows you might find your soulmate.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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