Self published in bookstores

Should self published books be able to sell their works in bookstores?

I know that is a stupid ass question and I haven’t really thought of it until I read something on a website where someone argued self published books have no place in a bookstore.

Well damn grouch why the hell not?!

There is these stereotypes when it comes to self published works, i.e. bad editing, terrible cover design, no ISBN, terrible plot and characters and everything in between.

Call me crazy but I’ve read novels published from traditional, well respected publishers that have all of those mistakes and plenty more. What is their excuse?

Harder for them than you think.

Delving deeper into this subject I started to realize maybe bookstores can’t really afford to openly shelve self published books. Look at their biggest competitor. It’s called Amazon for a reason! Local bookstores are falling short daily because people are liking the one click purchases all in the comfort of their pjs and bed. Bookstores have to rely on bestsellers to bring in customers on a consistent basis. Accepting a lot of self published authors is a huge financial risk. Can you bring in customers? And can you prove you can? You can’t just sell some pipe dreams.

On the flip side though (bookstores I’m talking to you here) storing self published works can create a buzz locally like no other. It’s exciting to know there is a writer in the area and that their work is being sold down the block. That kind of buzz is great for the author and bookstore.

What about hosting workshops where the author teaches how to self publish and be on the same bookshelves next to their favorite authors? That’s more people to come in and purchase the how-to books and the money charged for the workshops can go back into the store.

Yes we get it you have limited space for indie writers’ books but giving them an inch can give you some good long term business. Think about it. Don’t just close us out.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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