Youth Writing Conferences

More and more there are workshops for youth. This is a great way for them to perfect their craft early on and expand on it. Ventana Sierra is hosting a Young Writer’s Workshop on June 15th. The one day event teaches teens on how to promote their writing. Foreward Literary will help the youth publish their work through e-publishing.

Five sessions led by four authors and agents. If anyone wants an one on one with an author/agent it will be $100 otherwise this workshop is free.

For the adults there is a 3 day event at Western Nevada College in Carson City, Nevada. Guest speakers include: Ellen Hopkins, Sarah Branham, Judith Curr, Jill Corcoran, Lorin Oberweger, Eric Elfman, Emma Dryden, Marilee Swirczek, Lara Perkins & Laurie McLean.

Check out the schedule!

June 14
2p – registration
3:30 – want an agent? Create a pitch kit

4:30 – the elevator pitch. What’s your book really about?

7 – keynote Ellen Hopkins

7:30 – author readings/open mic

June 15
9a – keynote Judith Curr

9:45 – Holding the River: when to create narrative traction & when to let the reader fly

-What the !!!! is voice & how the sam hill do yall find it?

-10 all too common writing mistakes & how to fix them

1:30 – constructing the world: internal/external world building

-demystifying fiction with the elements of mystery

-crafting an addictive first chapter & a satisfying last chapter

3 – editor panel

3:45 – group 2 critiques

5 – booksigning

7:30 – peer pitch reviews

June 16th
9 – 5 elements that really sell a story

10:45 – group 1 critiques

1 – imagery: telling details

– building a towering social networking platform

– screenwriting techniques as story builders

3:30 – agent pitchfest

Early registration (up til May 15th) cost $450. After May 15th the cost is $550. For an one on one manuscript review it will be $100. Visit for full details.

Peace and luv from Ms. Talia!

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