What are you scared of? The sophomore novel jinx

You’ve heard a musician who had a successful debut album voice their fear of bringing it on their sophomore project. Well writers have the same fear. What? You ain’t know.

I published a novel myself about two years ago. Instead of the success I assumed I would get I ended up selling nothing. None of my friends bought a damn thing! My intentions afterwards was to publish again however somewhere along the lines I let fear seep right on in and get comfortable. I began to look at myself through the eyes of others who did not share the same vision and excitement as me. Bad mistake! Take my advice when I say don’t let anyone switch your mentality and make you doubt your God given talent! Real friends and fam will ride with you all the way through.

The quicker you realize that your fear is paralyzing you and your hustle the sooner you can get over it and get down to business.

Go ahead fail, fail, fail!

I know you are looking at the screen like, huh? You read it right, it’s ok to fail. Actually it is recommended because the more you experience failure the less you become scared of taking risks. You will be able to prepare yourself by using past mistakes and you will bounce back quicker. So get used to it and grow a thick skin.

Speak your goals to anyone who will listen.

If you tell your writing ideas and goals to everyone you meet they are going to expect you to deliver that promise. Seeing them as you tell them some lame excuse as to why you didn’t finish is the worse feeling. Replaced fear with pride and a big ass ego.

Prepare yourself better the second go round.

Sit down and write out everything that you did wrong the first time you published. Then create a detailed plan on how you are going to prevent that from happening. As you are writing have that list out, especially at those times when you feel fearful; look at it and realize you have ish under control this time. Then keep hustlin!

Nothing is guaranteed in this business called writing. But you will never know what you can accomplish until you do the damn thang! Make your passion slash those fears to shreds!

Peace and luv from your girl Ms. Talia!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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