Wikipedia Sexist

We women writers gets no love! Wikipedia has decided to take all of the female writers on the American Novelists list and create a list called Women Novelists list.

Why, may I ask? Is this suppose to make us feel special? Flatter us? Many are calling it sexist and to be honest I agree.

I had to marinate on it for a minute before I wrote this. This argument almost reminds me of the african american section in bookstores. How many nonblacka do you see roaming aroind in that area? Not many trust me. Black authors are thought to only write street lit or erotica and women are known for just writing chich lit. Both are so far from the truth. I write all kinds of genres. And just as good as any many.

So to answer my question hell yeah it’a sexist. Wikipedia should be ashamed of themselves. Focus on great literature rather than the sex of writers. And when did Wikimedia become reliable? They are like the TMZ of the internet. Options definitely needed here.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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