Are cliched phrases ever appropriate?

Burned like the sun.
Wet as water.
In the nick of time.
A diamond in the rough.
Opposites attract.
Cat got your tongue?

Cliche phrases remind me of that annoying ass man in the club that spits out the worst pick up lines. Even though I hate runnimg into them I still will go to the club. Same with cliche phrases, we hate hearing or seeing them but still writers use them in their novels. Editors cringe at the sight of them; they prefer writers not to use them and even goes so far to throw manuscripts out because there are so many. I don’t think it is that deep but I do agree that they should be used sparingly.

If you can’t help yourself then detox yourself.

Cliche detox
Bells tend to go off when I’ve used a cliche phrase. I used to stop writing until I could find something better to say but then I would end up staring at the words forever and damn near pull my hair out. I scream JUST WRITE in my head because I can change it during the editing process. Not changing makes you lazy. We shouldn’t see them on every page or paragraph for that matter.

Spend time being. WARNING, cliche phrase up ahead. Stop and smell the roses! Be in the present, use all of your senses to explore the world around you. Record every sound you hear, smells your nose grabs, the erotic sights you see. All of these can be used if you really feel you need a phrase to describe something or someone. If there is no need for them then don’t use them but at the same time don’t pull your hair because you used a few of the phrases.

What are some of the cheesiest cliches you’ve used or read?

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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