More seasoned writers self publishing

Even with the negative cloud over self publishing it doesn’t stop writers from doing it. It has been mostly new writers who go the self publishing route however more seasoned writers are taking that same route. Why?

Less time. It takes damn near a year for traditional publishers to publish a book. By the time it’s published you forgot you had wrote it. Self publishing allows seasoned writers to get their work out to their fan quicker satisfying everyone.

Larger and quicker profits. Sure traditional publishers give advances but you won’t see a dime unless you sell over that advance. And who knows when that will be. Maybe you will see a check every quarter but self publishing is damn near instantaneously.

Passionate marketing. Author’s slave over their novel, it is their baby. Who else can market that book? Even though the person hired to market a specific genre they will not market that book better than the writer can. With seasoned writers they already know the ins and outs of what their fans want.

Is there a negative to seasoned writers self publishing their work? I can’t think of any can you? They have a great social foundation and hopefully have established longterm business friendships. Maybe now the stigma of self publishing can go away.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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