AMAZON: The NWO? (New Writing Order)

What is Amazon doing that has everybody in business with their panties in a bunch? Apparently a lot. They are taking over in the book publishing industry buying out any company that remotely can be their competition. Is it really as deep as everyone is making it out to be? I mean it is just business right?

When people talked about the new world order they were referring to Amazon. They continue to dip their hand in pretty much everything and bullied (so everyone says) the competitors by flashing large amounts of money. Poor small businesses, they did not stand a chance.

Can up and coming businesses succeed while Amazon is alive? Depends on what their product/service is. Many companies feel they don’t have a chance so when Amazon offers money they don’t have the confidence to turn them down. Some call it bullying, Amazon just calls it a great business tactic.

Don’t forget Amazon is a business first and foremost. I don’t see what they are doing that is so wrong. A business’ goal is to provide the best whatever to consumers. They have a goal and a detailed plan on how to execute that. All of the other businesses whining is only giving Amazon more attention. Getting personally offended is not good business sense. I’m pretty sure Amazon doesn’t wake up every morning and say, “hmm, I wonder what business I can screw today without the KY?” Maybe they are, I don’t know. I bet it is more like what can we do to improve our brand and guve consumers what they want and need? All businesses should wake up every morning with that on their mind. So no one should get mad if Amazon’s technique is executed better.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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