Digital first mystery/thriller imprint

Amazon has shook a lot of publishers’ feathers and they seem so unfazed by it all. What do a traditional publisher do? Make changes of course!

This will hopefully be a big year for HarperCollins as they roll out witness their first digital mystery/thriller imprint. WITNESS will debut this September. The first 10 titles under this new imprint will be released in October.

Why the sudden change? Well HarperCollins wants to grab as many self published authors as they can before Amazon takes them all. And of course they want to take advantage of unknown/new writers.

The benefits for writers hoping to land a deal? Quicker publishing process. They don’t say how soon your ebook will be out but I’m for sure it is better than the 18 months a traditional publisher takes.

Another bonus is authors of the Impulse imprint will start receiving royalty payments monthly just like Amazon Publishing offers their authors.

If you’re a mystery/thriller writer opportunity is knocking are you going to open the door and let it in?

Peace and luv!

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