Add some suspense in your life

I drool over a good juicy, well written novel with lots of suspense! There is a technique to adding suspense though. I’m still mastering it myself, I’m loving the process. Here are my three favorite advice when it comes to suspense in a story.

1. Always end a chapter with suspense. Have you laid in bed with a good ass book and promise yourself that you are going to read one chapter then take your behind to bed only to get to the end and have a serious oh no the hell she didn’t or I know that ish just didn’t happen moment? You keep on reading until next thing you know your alarm goes off. You may be tired as hell at work but the book was so worth it. As a writer that is how you want your readers to be. The suspense doesn’t have to be astronomical but enough, like bread crumbs, that will keep the reader reading.

Build tension by making ordinary appear evil. Readers want to lose themselves when reading. They don’t want to open it and be so bored by it or sound like their own life; that is the whole point of reading it. Take ordinary situations and blow it up to make it exciting!

Increase sensory detail. Last but not least master the art of zeroing in on senses. I make it a point to hit the 5 senses in every scene. Sometimes it is very small but that can click something in the reader and keep the story rolling. Don’t pull out the cliched phrases either. Take time to be in the present; listen, see, smell your environment and write what you experience for later works.

Are there some sure fire tips for creating suspense that you have used? Go ahead and share it with me.

Peace and luv!
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