Literary Monday Mashup

How are you? I hope all my mamas had a great Mother’s day and got some time to write. Speaking of writing lets get it in with the Monday Mashup!

Literary agents looking for clients

Rachel Dugas of Talcott Notch Literary. Is seeking fiction (YA, women’s, romance, paranormal and mysteries) and nonfiction.

Danielle Smith of Foreward Literary. Is seeking picture books, early readers and chapter books with characters that embody the true essence of what it means to be a child.

J. L. Stermer of N. S. Bienstock. Is seeking 2 categories – YA and women’s fiction. (No paranormal romance, sci-fi or fantasy). Luvs dark, edgy stories.

Jamie Booner Drowley of Inklings Literary. Is seeking fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, historical, contemporary, horror, light sci-fi, thrillers.

Kimiko Nakamura of Dee Mura Literary. Is seeking contemporary fiction, women’s lit, YA, fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, satire, memoir, spirituality and health.

Innovations in reading

This year’s Innovations In Reading prize went to Uni Project. This is pretty unique way to get books to the ones who can’t access them for whatever reason. It is a portable reading room in NYC created by Leslie and Sam Davol. What they do is have cubes for shelves to contain the books. There are benches which are used for seating and they recruit volunteers to be the hosts. This gives kids the ability to learn and read because well reading is fun*damental.

For getting first place Uni Project received $2,500, a certificate and a free trip to the NYC to share their invention. The other four winners were:

City National Bank: Reading Is the Way Up

The Little Free Library

Uprise Books Project for underprivileged teens


Play and donate at the same time

I just get that warm fuzzy feeling when I help someone. How about you?

Well Out of Print has figured out a way for you to take it back to the ol skool in a video game version of The Great Gastby. They want people to get geeked about reading again and get people like the previous story to get books to everyone.

So here’s the deal, every time you play The Great Gatsby and score 25,000+ Out of Print will donate one book to people that need them.

Visit their site too. I checked it out and it was awesome! They take book titles that are no longer in print and put them on tshirts. Any product bought on the site also gets Out of Print to donate a book to organizations such as Books for Africa. Already almost 300 books have been donated. So support the cause and have fun playing video games.

Visit to play and buy products.

There’s your mash up Monday, enjoy the rest of your day! Get some writing done!

Peace and luv!

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