Publishers who wants new clients

I have four publishers that are wanting clients. Write them down, get in contact with them and hopefully get a book deal. Let me give you some advice first. They are simple common sense reminders but there is always that one who tries to wiggle their way in because they think they are THAT good and rules don’t apply to their asses.

Always make sure that you read all of the guidelines before sending anything! No, all publishers are not the same!

Know the spelling of the editors. Mispelled names or names no longer there is a guarantee toss to slush pile!

Check the genre they represent. I’ve seen so many publishers want the weirdest, technical types of novels. Don’t look like an ass by sending a horror novel to a chic lit publisher.

Please be finished with the manuscript before even querying. Don’t always assume it will be a minute before they contact you. Sometimes they call back after a week. What will you do then?

Alright lets get down to what you really want. These are the publishers.

Avon Romance. Takes straight from author manuscript use online submission form.

Free Spirit Publishing. Provides children/teens tools they need to succeed in life. Authors should submit proposal.

Seal Press. Publishes books by women for women. Send query letter or proposal.

Shambhala Publications. Wants nonfiction topics especially Buddhism, yoga, mindfulness, creativity, martial arts, natural health and green living. Submit book propsal by post.

Peace and luv!

Posted from none other than your favorite writer’s favorite writer Ms Talia


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