Celebrities watering down the craft of writing?

How do you feel about celebrities writing books?

I think it’s redundant and getting tired. I think gangsta lit author K’Wan said it best when he referred to Stebie J (Love & Hip Hop), NeNe Leakes (RHOA), and Phaedra Parks (RHOA) writing books or attempting to because between me and you Stebie J can’t formulate a sentence let alone a novel.

“Get your money ma, do it however you need to do it but don’t say you’re a writer cause you’re not. We’re the ones up at night until the sun comes up. We’re writing and putting it all out there.”

I don’t know about you but I definitely need to be a ghostwriter because they are becoming high in demand. Why even be called a ghostwriter we already know the celebrities didn’t write it? And why the sudden interest in writing books? Is that a part of the contract? And are they watering down our craft?

Peace and luv!

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One thought on “Celebrities watering down the craft of writing?

  1. blackceezar says:

    I agree it is watering down the craft and art of writing but the craft is now a niche market. Whether it’s poems, short stories or novels, if a famous name attached to it or something that caught fire and that book is now a movie nothing is even on the radar. Writers were just as well known as actors at one point. Even blogs are watered down with nothing but videos now. The art of writing is quickly becoming like the VCR, blame it on the short hand type style of texting or the fact that people just refuse to read anymore so writing falls victim and is dying a slow death. The people not complaining about these celebrities getting book deals are the ghost writers.

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